Good moment to you

yeah.. so this entire planet pretty much amazes me. What interests me? Media- Art, film, animation,music, videa games, self sustaining business, innovation, technology, space, nature(watching the moon set), philosophy, religion, learnin, books(data,theory,fiction), photography, the sun, the vastness of space, spreading knowledge, listening and telling stories, architecture, imagining, poetry, making connections, coincidences, hiking, biking, cars, motorsicles, random shit I laugh at that most people don't, helping people, psychology, TEA, honey, finding new music, culture, food, being yourself, soul searchin, manly shit,sleeping, dreaming, clothes, swimming, getting crazy with friends, people watching, leaving this place better than it was when I got here


hold onto hope by lovd ones (official video shot in uganda)


One Day Ken Kitano 

“One Day” is an amazing art photography project by Ken Kitano that uses long exposures to create one (amazing) image of a place from sunrise to sunset.